Kid’s Q&A featuring Jason Drusbacky MOT, OTR/L

Kid’s Q&A featuring Jason Drusbacky MOT, OTR/L

PumpkinJasonThis month’s installment of Kids Q&A features occupational therapist Jason Drusbacky MOT, OTR/L interviewed by Aiden, age 11. There are notes in parentheses for those who don’t speak sports or video game language.

Aiden: Why do you like the Browns?

Jason: Because I support all of the Cleveland teams.

Aiden: Where do you live?

Jason: I used to live in Port Clinton near Cedar Point and the islands. I just moved to the Cleveland area because I’m working with more and more kids at The Center for LifeSkills.

Aiden: Do you like your job?

Jason: I love my job. I love coming to work every day, it’s really rewarding to work with all of the kids.

Aiden: Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl?

Jason: I think the Patriots vs. Green Bay.

Aiden: I think the Panthers and the Patriots. Do you like hikes?

Jason: Like in the woods? Yeah, it’s a stress reliever for me to be outside and walking in the woods.

Aiden: I like backpacking in Pennsylvania. I went with my cousin, uncle and dad. It was hard because we hiked all day and slept in a tent. Have you ever slept in a tent?

Jason: No, just hiked during the day and went back to the hotel.

Aiden: Do you like FIFA 15? (a soccer simulation video game)

Jason: I have FIFA 16, I like to play it sometimes.

Aiden: How is it different from FIFA 15?

Jason: It just came out, it has women’s teams and better commentators.

Aiden: Do you like Madden NFL Mobile?

Jason: I’ve never played it before, but I played Madden 15 on PS3 (Play Station 3). I was the Browns.

Aiden: I’m the Falcons.

Jason: Why not the Browns?

Aiden: Because I like the Falcons colors. Do you like OBJ? (Odell Beckham Jr., wide receiver for the New York Giants)

Jason: He’s tons of fun to watch, he makes all these crazy catches.

Aiden: Did you see his one-handed catch?

Jason: I missed that one but he’s crazy good.

Aiden: Do you have a pet?

Jason: No, but I’d like to in the future. I used to have a dog named Casey, he was a Sheltie. He was a herding dog and he would run circles around us when we were playing soccer or football.

Aiden: Our dog used to be skinny but my aunt kept giving her bones.

Jason: What’s her name?

Aiden: Lola, she’s a mix between something. She’s a very odd dog. She wakes up, runs around and barks at our car, then falls asleep. But, she’s a fun dog. She always jumps at me because I’m going to a Browns game and I bought a giant bone and she chases me. What kind of food do you like?

Jason: I’m glad you asked that. Anything buffalo chicken: buffalo chicken pizza, buffalo wings, buffalo chicken dip, Mexican food, pizza, desserts.

Aiden: My uncle ate a pig’s eye once, he said it tastes like eggs. He also ate a cow’s tongue at Greenhouse Tavern. I like shrimp, meat pies, Mexican, hamburgers, pop (every once in a while), baguettes, Subway and pot stickers.

Aiden: Why do you always wear Under Armor, Adidas or Nike?

Jason: Because it’s comfortable, and warm.

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