Occupational Therapy

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is the remediation of a child’s:

  • Gross and fine motor skills—large and small muscle groups (e.g. jumping and writing)
  • Visual motor skills—the relationship between vision and motor movements
  • Activities of Daily Living—the skills children use throughout their day including: dressing, feeding, toilet tasks, school tasks, play              skills and interaction skills
  • Sensory processing skills–ability to take in, sort out, and respond to the input received from the world (sound, sight, smell, taste).

 Occupational therapy focuses on teaching any or all of these pieces.

 Who needs occupational therapy?

  •  Children who cannot use a pencil, spoon, fork, or a pair of scissors appropriately for his/her age
  • Children, age 3 or older, who cannot help with dressing themselves
  • Children who seem overly picky, hyperactive, or extremely sensitive to different senses

Trust your parental instincts; 

If you think something may be different about your child,  please call.