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Speech-Language Therapy


Speech-language pathology is the identification, evaluation, and rehabilitation of communication disorders.

Communication is made up of:
Comprehension– how we understand language spoken to us
Expression– how we produce language to speak to others
Articulation–how we form the words
Oral-motor skills –coordination, strength, movement and placement of lips, tongue, jaw ,& cheeks.
Social/play skills—overall developmental skills that lead to age appropriate communication skills

Speech-language therapy focuses on teaching the child any or all of these pieces.

who needs speech-language therapy?

Children whose speech is hard to understand (a 4 year old says tar, tootie, and tow instead of car, cookie, and cow)
Children who are obviously frustrated with communication
Children whose language seems immature for his/her age (3 year old says “me do it”, 4 year old confuses “he, she, his, hers”)

Trust your parental instincts.
If you think something may be different about your child,
please call. We offer phone consultations at no charge.