Treating Kids with ADHD

The Cognitive Functional (Cog -Fun) Intervention for Children with ADHD

The Cog- Fun intervention is a short term, 4 -month treatment program with sessions held weekly for kids ages 5-10. A parent is required to be present in each weekly session with their child since they will actively participate and be a key change agent. Communication with the therapist one time a week outside the sessions will also take place to coach the parent with this.
The primary goal of this evidence-based intervention is to promote the acquisition of executive functioning strategies and to develop self-efficacy in both the child and parent.
This is done through positive, pleasant and empowering experiences in a structured therapeutic environment and carried over into the home by the parent.

Cog-Fun is an integrative protocol based on occupational therapy cognitive rehabilitation models and includes 3 major change mechanisms:
1. Executive Strategy Acquisition. First, the child experiences the need for the use of a strategy in a variety of fun activities. The strategy is named, practiced, then transferred eventually to the home environment to functional, daily tasks that need improvement. The methods are meant to be enjoyable and motivating in order to achieve goals. The learning process incorporates the development of awareness within the child.
2. Enabling Therapeutic Setting. Both the therapeutic environment and home environment include the practice of positivity and emotional safety throughout the process among therapist, child, and parents.
3. Use of Environmental Supports and Procedural Learning. This is based on the neuro-functional approach to cognitive rehabilitation in which the therapist uses behavioral learning of specific tasks and skills. Environmental supports are used to promote functional goals. This process seeks to minimize frustration for the child, improve functioning, boost motivation and develop self-efficacy in the relatively short time of the program.

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