MyshlFieldwork Coordinator


Myshl Beyer is an undergraduate of Kent State University and earned her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Cleveland State University. She is also a certified Cognitive-Functional (Cog-Fun) intervention specialist. Cog-Fun is an evidence-based integrative protocol to treat kids with ADHD and their associated executive functioning deficits that impact their participation in activities of daily living. 

She joined The Center for LifeSkills team in 2012, where she helps children of various ages and diagnoses learn and adapt to important functional activities of daily living, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Regulatory and Multisystem Developmental Disorders, ADHD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Hypotonia, Dyspraxia, Behavioral Disorders, Fine and Gross Motor Delays, etc.

In addition she has led and co-led groups of school aged children focusing on a social- emotional learning frame of reference, and has also worked with the mental health population.

Her medical-based experience includes rehabilitating adults who have various diagnoses including stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and orthopedic conditions.  

Myshl’s post-graduate learning has included seminars in Brain Gym, Twice Exceptional Children, Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, and specialized Cog-Fun training and practicum.  She takes a special interest in a holistic approach to treatment.