TimberNook is an outdoor program that offers all children therapeutic benefits through creative outdoor play. Our programs integrate sensory experiences, imagination, and nature. We inspire kids to play, learn, and explore through stories, games, and unique experiences. To register or learn more about camps, visit www.timbernook.com



TimberNook intricately weaves the therapeutic aspects of nature with its unique understanding of child development to create an invaluable outdoor program that supports every aspect of the growing child.

Most nature programs work to get children outdoors and teach them about the environment and sustainability. TimberNook does a little of this, but it’s certainly not an ordinary nature camp. TimberNook’s main focus is on how the natural environment enriches and supports the developing child.

Every TimberNook setting and experience is broken down into pieces, which are carefully analyzed for their therapeutic value and chosen to support the whole child. Our curriculum encourages complex social interactions, problem solving, fine motor skills, balance and overall strength, independent thought, tactile (touch) processing, proprioceptive (joint/muscle awareness) processing, multi-level learning, motor planning, and creativity.

Most importantly, TimberNook reveals the fun in outdoor play. Our curriculum is highly creative and in high demand. We do everything from recreating stories in nature to building structures out in the woods to having enchanted forest parties at night. Camps fill up in minutes and children demand to come back and play the TimberNook way!